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This site is my personal, (vanity) web domain. The main pages here describe projects I've worked on, and some autobiographical information.

At jim.spath.com, I have collected descriptions and pointers to sites that I have been involved with, software that I contribute to or use regularly, and the obligatory bookmarks.

My ISP is the Baltimore County Public Library, where I've been "Webmaster Jim" since 1996. This is a self-appointed role. I've persuaded the system operators to include a number of nice features for subscribers, including the ability to run perl scripts, and serving PNG images correctly. I've got some server-side and client-side image-mapping pages there.

One of the pages I created there was included in the Yahoo index, so a lot of visitors arrive at the isocodes.html page. This is a list of the 2-letter country codes and other top-level domains on the Internet. After seeing this on Yahoo, I added improvements to that list, such as a weekly counts by domain, and my historical visits by domain. I've also included pointers to the Perl code that searches the web server logs and creates those pages.

The first browser I used was the character-mode Lynx, and I've become more interested in it over the last few years. I now help maintain the Lynx software at Salt Lake Community College and, the FTP site at the Internet Software Consortium, and local test copies of Lynx on Win32.

You can reach me at jspath at bcpl.net or jim at spath.com!
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