Jim Spath Dot Com Web Sites

A lot of my personal pages are still on the Baltimore County Public Library. You can probably see the latest ones on one of my index pages, such as users-s.html. I kept a list of frequently-asked questions for new web-writers at BCPL and collected some of the questions and answers. I also created a somewhat idiosyncratic page about Usenet Newbies with emphasis on using Lynx.

I worked with an old friend to develop his business page, located at www.mcsrr.org.

I worked for Maryland State government from 1980 through 1997, in the Department of the Environment. Some of the web pages I developed there include the list of county recycling coordinators, the database of recycling drop-off sites in Maryland, and other waste management references through the administration index page.

I've also worked on a variety of web resource for distributing the Lynx browser, such as the current software distribution page, the Lynx "TO DO" list, and the mostly-harmless Patch-O-Matic (tm).

As noted on the bottom of this page, I write HTML pages for any browser, and am a proponent of least common denominator HTML. I customized a couple graphics included in one of the Any Browser Campaign pages. Hand in hand with this is bandwidth conservation, or using as litle as you need of the net. And if you include any images in your web pages, be sure to read Tom Neff and Eric Bohlman on HTML IMG tag ALT attributes.

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